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Please be aware that this wonderful show 'Spellbound' has now ended. The show was in production during the Babbacombe Theatre 2013 season and is now no longer being staged and, therefore, can no longer be attended. In order to provide you, the audience, with an ever-changing line up of talent and variety the team at the Babbacombe Theatre are committed to producing new shows every season. This policy, along with all of their other shows, provides you with an entirely new theatrical experience each year you attend.

This page exists to primarily inform you of a past production you may, or may not, have seen and is for archival purposes only. For information regarding this season's amazing 2016 Christmas Production appropriately entitled 'The Magic Of Christmas' please click on this 'Magic Of Christmas' link which will take you directly to the Babbacombe Theatre website where you will discover more information regarding the show and also be able to book tickets to this amazing festive production. Clicking on this 'Theatre' link will give you a taste of the many delights that are waiting in store for you when you attend the theatre in 2017.

You may also be interested to know that if you were unlucky enough not to have seen 'Spellbound' during the 2013 season - or even if you did but would just like to relive the moment again - then do not despair, as a nicely presented DVD of the show has been produced by the Babbacombe Theatre and is available for purchase at the theatre foyer or, alternatively, by post. For further details please scroll down to the lower section of this webpage. The following narrative has been reproduced from the show souvenir programme. 
Welcome to the Babbacombe Theatre, where you will find magic in abundance this year, with the all new show, Spellbound. The show promises you an explosion of exhilarating splendour, a cast to surpass the boundaries of talent, with comedy, illusion, song and dance to enthral. Stars of stage, screen and also the music industry have been gathered together to conjure up a cornucopia of entertainment for your pleasure.

Headlining is Phil Lowen, who is in such demand that it has taken nine long years to get him to return to the BabbacombeTheatre since his last amazing season here. He is one of the UK's most successful comedy impressionists. Phil has an act which is zany, energetic, very visual and always hilarious. Joining Phil on stage, albeit that he may be in need of a stepladder, is the diminutive Dean Winters. He will set you all in a spin with his fine voice and cheeky humour:  a genuinely funny, versatile and totally outstanding performer.

Bewitching international singing sensation, Keedie is just as adept at interpreting a pop song as she is in the most opulent of arias. Listen to her sing and suddenly the ordinary becomes extraordinary! With Babbacombe favourite West End vocalist Paul Cobley also able to push boundaries with his vocal chords you may expect to be whisked away into another world as their exquisite voices serenade together as one.

The British Magical Champion of Illusion, Daniel Dean, is our very own guest star in the Babbacombe Theatre production of Spellbound. Daniel will captivate you with his mastery and illusion - and there's more. Not only is he a master of all things magic but he can also sing along whilst making you laugh too with his wonderful voice and personality - although It goes without saying that not at the same time though.
Capturing the ambience of all that's mystical is another stunning vocalist. A very talented young lady by the name of Stephanie Blackler. Winner of Torbay's Got Talent, Stephanie will champion some enchanting show songs and is without doubt a young lady that is sure to win you over with her mesmerising and awe inspiring stage presence. Stephanie has also travelled extensively throughout the United Kingdom working with among others of notoriety music guru Mike Stock after he selected her from thousands of applicants who applied to be part of an entirely new pop trio he was creating called 'Club2gether'. Their single entitled Living The Dream,  a nice little Europop number, became one of the soundtracks for Summer 2013.

It is no mystery as to why the vivacious, Danze Magique can charm an audience: daring are the talents of resident choreographer Georgia Lee. Her skilful musical interpretation combines well with the exciting arrangements of Pete Leonard and the versatile dancers make light work of the routines that can literally suggest they are floating in the air. The real secret to the magic, however,  lies in the performance, and all of those collectively involved in the Babbacombe Theatre production of Spellbound, including our junior cast Trix, who just want to 'spice up your life' -  as they turn illusion into reality in their own inimitable way. 

Everyone at the Babbacombe Theatre hopes you will have as much fun watching the show as we have had producing and performing it. They are an amazing, and dedicated team both centre stage, and behind the scenes, with their very raison d'etre existing just to entertain you! However, without you, the audience, there would not be a show so all of us here at the theatre would like to extend a very personal Thank You to those of you who attend our performances in our own English Riviera and by doing so, keep theatre live. 
There has been an absolute abundance of amazing entertainers appearing at this quaint, and delightfully bijou little theatre over the years - with international superstars, along with resident performers such as Phil Lowen, Paul Cobley, Dean Winters and sensational singing star Keedie to name just a few gracing the annals of its celebrity seasoned interior. And 2013's rollicking extravaganza was certainly no exception as Colin Matthews, Pete Leonard and Georgia Lee's spectacular production of 'Spellbound' took to the stage.
In our 2013 season the star studded cast included Daniel Dean, who's success in show business began at the age of just fourteen when he won his first competition. In 2001, he was awarded the highly acclaimed title of 'The British Magical Champion Of Illusion' which took place at the Blackpool Opera House. Another star performing at Babbacombe Theatre in 2013 was Paul Cobley - an all round entertainer who has appeared at many prestigious venues throughout his successful career such as The London Palladium and it's nearby illustrious companion The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. He has also starred in many notable productions such as Grease, where he took on the role of Danny and also in Oliver, where he took on the role of Fagin.

Another fine act was Phil Lowen - one of the top comedy impressionists in the United Kingdom with an act just as zany and energetic as the man himself. Phil decided to go solo in 1989 when he was offered a long season in Jersey that had the critics raving about this new comedy find. And then there was theatre regular and all round entertainer Dean Winters, who started out as a Red Coat at one of Butlin's fun filled holiday camps. Dean is known as 'The Little Man With The Big Personality' and with his extensive comedy talents matched only by his amazing vocal ability, he can slip his act into any production making it fit like a glove.
Which brings us on to two amazing performers Keedie and Stephanie. Keedie, of course, is also a theatre veteran and no stranger to the Babbacombe boards. She first appeared at the Babbacombe Theatre in her own show 'For One Night Only' in 2009 and later returned as a special guest judge for Torbay's Got Talent. Keedie has topped the charts with the song I Believe My Heart, which she was asked to perform and  duet with Duncan James, from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical The Woman In White. More recently, in February 2015, Keedie auditioned for the BBC TV show The Voice where she performed the song Titanium. 

And then, of course, there is the amazingly talented Stephanie Blackler who, having won the competition Torbay's Got Talent, in 2010, secured a role as part of the Matthews Production Heatwave. Her ability to sing, dance and act as well as her love of the intense theatrical lifestyle is the motivational force behind this talented young lady who is certainly on a journey to success. And last, but very definitely not least, we were extremely delighted to have in our midst an amazing troupe of dancers who go by the name of Danze Magique. Ten fabulous girls who certainly set the night on fire with their breathtaking performance and, of course, the youngest members of our line up 'Trix' - destined without doubt to be stars of the future.

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