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Keedie appeared on the Judi Spiers show on BBC Radio Devon on Friday 13th February 2015 - just one day before her appearance on The Voice UK was due to be screened on BBC One. Judi's first words were that she had never forgotten meeting her guest for the first time. She went on to say that she first saw Keedie fifteen years ago at Stairway To The Stars which was a talent show at the Riviera Centre in Torquay and continued by saying that Keedie came on with another girl and, as she recalls, sang a pop song dressed in lime green spacesuits that all lit up. Judi then informed us that the other girl disappeared and Keedie then slipped off and put a tabard on over the top and returned to give a flawless rendition of the classic Nessun Dorma which brought the house down. Judi remembers that when the opening bars began that she thought to herself "Oh No. She's four foot nothing, a little girl, this is going to be so embarrassing. But Judi recalls she couldn't have been more wrong. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing.
Judi went on to say that not long after that, Keedie went on to sign a record deal and had a single at number two in the charts with Duncan James from the band Blue which she followed up with a version of Jerusalem, featuring the victorious England Cricket Team who had recently won the coveted  Ashes Trophy. She's done a Hollywood Film she's supported Diana Ross along with Whitney Houston and Rod Stewart and that this week, that being the week of February 14th 2015, she can be seen on The Voice. Judi also related that Keedie would be appearing throughout the season in Starlight at Babbacombe Theatre which ran from 10th February to 21st October 2015. Judi then played the record I Believe My Heart - a number which featured in the hit West End musical The Woman In White by Andrew Lloyd Webber before getting down to the interview. Judi started off by saying that she can't believe it's been fifteen years since she first saw her on that stage and said that it was a green spacesuit to which Keedie replied "Yes. It was me and my sister Nadine and my good friend Kelly."
Judi then said that she had spoken to Keedie on the programme since then as she had her album out which was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios and she also mentioned that in her last interview Keedie had said that she would be going off to perform with IL Divo to which Keedie replied "Yes I did, and I performed with them at The Endsleigh Festival." she went on to say that "It was actually a very busy week-end as I had performed at Andrew Lloyd Webber's house the previous day and the following day after the festival we flew off to Barbados to sing for Jodie Kidd's family." "Hell's teeth," commented Judi, "That's a bit of a jaunt from Torquay, isn't it?" Judi then went on to say that she wanted to ask Keedie about some more amazing things that she had read about her and mentioned, with an element of admiration that "You actually sang at a party for Al Pacino!" To which Keedie duly replied, with a equal amount of incredibility herself at being privy to such an auspicious occasion, "Yes, yes, I know, I know."  


Judi then asked Keedie "How Come." To which Keedie replied "Well, I was asked to perform a soundtrack for the movie called Modigliani starring Andy Garcia so when we were over in America I attended the Miami Film Festival and Al Pacino had seen me perform and he asked me to sing at his birthday party at his house." Judi responded by asking Keedie if she was  nervous at such a prospect to which Keedie said "Yes, I was. And even more so because you see somebody on the telly and you admire their films that much and then, when you're standing next to them it's just overwhelming." Judi then said to Keedie that another party that she was aware of her performing at, and must have been even more exciting for her, was the party she attended for David Foster, and she asked Keedie what was that like for her. "Oh gosh," replied Keedie, "He was an amazing man. It was just another one of those...... and it sounds incredible now because I was really very young at the time but I didn't really take it all in and, looking back on the situation now, it was just so amazing meeting him."
Now Whitney Houston would have been alive then so was she there? asked Judi. "No she wasn't there," replied Keedie, "But I have supported her and also supported Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Meatloaf, who shared the same voice coach with me" Judi then asked Keedie that when she gets to meet these amazing women, who must be heroines of hers, does she ever get to talk to them? Do they give her any advice? Do they ever say things like Honey, you know, if I were you, I'd..?" Keedie responded to Judi by saying "Well you do get to meet them and whenever I have they have always been extremely helpful and have given me lots of useful information, and guidance, on things I could do to achieve my dreams.
There is much more to this interview that hasn't been mentioned here such as all of the other celebrities that Keedie has been fortunate enough to meet  during her amazing career, and how whilst on the red carpet at the Miami Film Festival her dad, who was also her tour manager, was requested to go and ask a certain gentleman if he could please move to one side so that Keedie could walk down - and that gentleman was Sylvester Stallone. But it hasn't always been good times for Keedie as both her, and her family have had to endure their own share of hardship along the way. But both her devoted father Gary, and her loving mother Maria, who sadly passed away in February 2014, were always Keedie's biggest supporters and always did all that they could to further her career and, in the case of her father, Gary, still do, as he is always there by her side to offer support. So, in order to discover even more intriguing facts about the highs, and lows, of Keedie's amazing journey please listen to the Radio Devon interview.

Keedie appeared as a guest on the Matt Rogan show on Palm 105.5 FM  on Saturday 14th February 2015 just prior to her audition for the Voice UK being screened on BBC One. She arrived at the studio with a number of family members in tow to divulge to Matt all that she was allowed to relate about the event. Matt, in his own inimitable way tried, on a number of occasions to gleam information about the result of Keedie's appearance on The Voice UK from her but she remained, as contractually obliged to do, tight lipped about the whole affair: informing Matt that she had been sworn to secrecy and had written it all down. At one point she even joked with Matt by saying "I'm not allowed to say a thing otherwise I'm just gonna have to kill you!" Matt then changed tack and went on to ask Keedie about what she thought of the competition to which Keedie's reply was "I think that a couple of the things that I do love about The Voice is that it's all about the singers and it's all about the voice. So yeah, I think it is going to be good."
Matt went on to say how he was confused as to how the show works as unlike The X Factor the people who are on seem to be people who have had success before like herself. Keedie replied "Well we all audition and we go through about five auditions to get to the last hundred which is out of about forty thousand, so I think it's just one of those things that people who've had a bit of success in the past want more and go back for it." Matt then brought up the subject of Keedie auditioning for The X Factor in 2010 where it went wrong and asked could she explain what actually happened. Keedie responded by saying "Yeah, I got through and I made it down to the boot camp auditions but what I didn't realise was that you wern't allowed to have a management contract. So I got through to boot camp," she said, "And then got booted off." Matt then informed Keedie that someone called Pete, with a strong West Midlands accent had just phoned in to wish her good luck which brought him round to asking Keedie about her childhood and moving down to live in Torquay.


Keedie informed Matt that she was, in fact, born in Wolverhampton and moved down to Torquay with her family when she was just two years old. She then jokes with Matt saying that "So obviously I haven't got the accent." "But your family have." commented Matt, quick as a flash, and duly cheering "Up the Wolves" in the direction of Keedie's family - which brought great delight to long time Wolves fan and devoted father Gary. "And it's bred in all of us," she continues "We're all big Wolves fans." Getting back to the topic of The Voice Matt said that he heard she was going to be singing a David Guetta number called Titanium which was a song he had previously heard Keedie sing at Christmas and was absolutely blown away by her performance. Keedie responded by saying "Yes, I think with myself I'm always interested in doing something different because I'm a crossover singer so I could have gone on there and done straight classical or I could have done pop - but I like to mix it up a bit so I did a crossover popera."
Matt said that he knew just how good Keedie was at that kind of thing and commented, positively, that the judges have all got to turn around for her. He then went on to say that he was trying to figure out, and he had been trying to drag this out of her for ages but she wasn't saying anything, which one of the judges, if they all actually turn around, and he reckoned they will, is the one she may go for. "All will be revealed." replied Keedie, remaining as secretive as ever. Matt then said that for him, his money would be on Will.I.Am just because he's just so funny. Keedie replied "Yeah, he comes out with his metaphors and I do like what he says." Matt then asked "Will there be any metaphors tonight," and then went into a impromptu impersonation of Will.I.Am by saying "Keedie, you're like a burger and if you take the meat out of the burger... You know, all that kind of stuff." Ironically, and as though Matt had somehow made use of a crystal ball, this wasn't a million miles away from what Will.I.Am actually did say as he ultimately referred to Keedie as peanut butter and jelly.
Matt then went on to hazard a guess at who Keedie might choose by suggesting that she may actually pick Tom. That being International singing star from the Welsh valleys Sir Tom Jones. "Ohhh I don't know." replied Keedie. "I don't know who I would pick. Oh you just don't know, do you?" "Maybe it would be Will.I.Am said Matt." but Keedie remained non committal saying "It could be Ricky it could be Tom it could be Rita." Matt, realising an answer wasn't forthcoming realised it just wasn't happening and went on to ask if Keedie's little girl went along to the show to which Keedie replied "No, unfortunately she was just too young so she had to stay at home but one of my sisters came along and my good friend Kelly." "And, tonight, I suppose you're going to be doing what most people do on a Saturday night and get a takeaway and sit in and watch the The Voice." "I know," replied keedie, "With my husband and my dad and my little girl."  Matt then gave keedie the opportunity, as it was Valentines Day to say something romantic to her husband James - which she duly did. But to hear James' reply you will have to listen to the radio show. Matt then thanked Keedie and her family for coming in to the studio before concluding  the interview by saying that he couldn't wait to see the show and was sure that it would all go very well.

Celador rebranded its Torquay based radio station Palm 105.5 as The Breeze on September 21st 2015.

Palm 105.5 first started broadcasting full time in 2005 with Celador eventually taking the majority shareholding.

A spokesperson for Celador said: “When Palm 105.5 first launched it offered something for everybody.
However, radio has evolved and we now offer a more focused selection of music." Celador want to encourage people
who haven’t listened to Palm 105.5 for a while to come back and try The Breeze.  While Palm 105.5 had always offered local news and the latest traffic updates, Celador are now pleased to offer a more focused selection of music.

The Breeze already operates thirteen radio stations in and around the South, and South West, of England: but this will be the furthest Breeze radio station to the West.  Celador also has shareholdings in nearby radio stations Radio Plymouth
and also Radio Exe - via the company's subsidiary Devon Radio Ltd.
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