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Robert Allen

Hi, I just wanted to say how much I continue to enjoy Keedie's performance on MUSIC - SKY. This rendition is so moving - Bless her!
Kind regards


X-Factor Comments

Keedie Green

Hello everyone! I'm back from bootcamp, unfortunately I was not what they were looking for as my kind of music does not suit the show. But I would like to thank everyone for the support and I wish the last contenders all the best as i met some wonderful people! Xxx

Kerri Lunt

Aww Keedie im so sorry, you are fantastic xx

Dave Hancock

I am absolutely gobsmacked that Keedie Green has been sent home from Bootcamp on the first day!! I was at the Birmingham NEC show and she was ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!! She got a resounding YES from Louis Walsh, Natalie Imbruglia, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowel! Yes, that’s correct, 4 YESES!! I am 100% certain that many millions of X-Factor viewers would have loved to witness Keedie’s extraordinary talent on the live shows!!

Hayley Ga Ga Davenport

u should go for theatre work hun, with your voice it will suit theatre better. Such a shame tho. Really hope they realise what they have lost.

Michael Jenkins

unlucky chin up

Jon Christos

There's more to life than the quick reality tv rise to fame chuck, you had star quality before that show was invented - drop me a line sometime, i may have some ideas for you.............x

Zoe Hodge

there loss Keedie! u better than them anyway! xxx

Sasha Perkes

Britains got talent!!! keed!!! obv ur too good for x-factor! hope to see u out sat xxx

Samantha Annan

that sucks...BGT next?

Lynne Walker

Never mind my love. you already had the X factor way above what they are looking for. Remember what I said - no failures just new opportunities. much love x x x

Jon Sadd

bad luck hun, def go for bgt cos u def got the talent u always have amazing singer x x

Nadine  Babb

I love u keedie i love u so much x x x x x x x

Julia Askew

so sorry you didnt get through hun, was rooting for you!! they dont know what they are missin!!

Debbie Hendren

Was watching Fern Brittan's 5 oclock show 2nite keedie and one of the GMTV presenters was on and is now working for radio 2 or 3 and she said that they are looking for an up and comin opera singer who can sing on stage!! It's also being judged. xxx

Jane Lang

Awwww bad luck mate, at least you gave it a shot xxxxx We're all still proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx

Bill Callaghan

There's politics beyond your control babe - but your talent - they'll never have it: ) x

Rachael Dart

they have rubbish taste in music then!!!!

Alf Bridge

Disgraceful.. looking for more Jedwards no doubt.

Sarah Rara Jones

wankers your voice is beautiful x

Dave Haddock

It's obvious!! - You were just too good for the 'X-Factory' Keeds!! Lotsa love xxxx

John Beech

Keedie, we all Love you and you are simply the best, better than all the rest xxxx

Babby Babb

Ur my little super star keeds!! Lv u soooo much xx

Farrah Nasseri

ur joking! keedie u sing better than most of the people that go on that show, will be interesting 2 see it on telly and see what they went with cuz i bet they wern't better, completely their loss hun x x x

Kass Truman

awwww babe never mind there must b a greater reason 4 u not being picked someone up there has a much bigger plan 4 u than simon cowells puppet xx lov u lots xx

Elaine Matthews

We still love you x

Susan Jordan

it's there loss. x

Keedie Green

Hello everyone....

Just like to say a huge thank you for your lovely comments... it means alot!!

Dave who does this website is a dear friend, myself and family love him to bits!Also Nicola Javis is a lovely lady who does my keedie myspace.. Thank you to both of these amazing people and to everyone who has supported me!! you all keep me lifted and with all your kind words you help me want to succeed to do an album for you all to enjoy!        lots of love keedie xxxx
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