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The great thing about this album is that it has original songs which some other classical crossover artists are missing. She has two wonderful songwriters who in particular really understand her voice. Keedie even puts her own two cents in by co writing two interludes. One interlude, which is simply called 'Interlude' or otherwise known as 'Where Are You? is hauntingly nice. 'Ave Maria' by Bach is completely reinvented and is given some English lyrics. Now, I don't mean to ruin the surprise for you but if you listen to the last song of her disc and then let it play for about eight minutes you are about to be spoiled; because there are three more hidden tracks as well as the previous seventeen titles. 



Nicola Jarvis

Location Of Reviewer  

Hertfordshire  United Kingdom

Album Review

I bought this album straight away after listening to her voice on Webbers single 'I Believe My Heart'. Andrew Lloyd Webber was touched when he saw her performing one night and so he asked her to do the song for him and for good reason. Thankfully she accepted and this wonderful disc has been released.

First off, Webber's song from 'The Woman In White' makes an appearance, hopefully to become her signature song. The rest of an album is a mixture of Pop, Classical and also a nod to New age (Similar to the style of Sarah Brightman who touches different types of music) with the cover of an Enya song 'Only Time' which, has more of a beat than Enyas original. There is also a cover of Madonna's 'You'll See' but I didn't see the point of covering it, it had nothing new or special to it. The great thing about this album is that it has original songs which other Classical Crossover artists are missing.

She has two wonderful song writers in particular that understand her voice. Keedie even puts her two cents in for her debut by co-writing two interludes. One interlude (which is called Interlude) is frustratingly nice, it only lasts for a minute! 'Ave Maria' by Bach is completely reinvented and is given some English lyrics. Now I don't mean to spoil the surprise for you but if you listen to the last song of the disc and let it run for 8 minutes you are about to be spoiled; there isn't one hidden track, not two, but three hidden tracks on top of the other 17 tracks.

If I remember correctly they are 'Laschia o' Pianga', 'The Flower Duet' from Lakme and 'Un Bel Di Vedremo' from Madame Butterfly. The latter two just so happen to be two of my favourite opera arias. They were very welcome. Her voice: is astounding. She soars on her pop songs and adds some soprano touches here and there. Classical, sometimes soars. Her voice is absolutely beautiful. She puts such feeling into every song, especially in 'My Reason', a very emotional song that starts slow and has a big finale at the end.


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Album Review

As I type this message, I am listening to the most recent addition to my CD collection, playing in the background. It is the debut album which was released last year by KEEDIE! And, it just arrived by international Air Mail from -- yesterday! I just couldn't resist the sound of her voice, which I had heard for the first time a few weeks ago, in the background of the film "Modigliani."

I loooooooove this album! Maybe her voice is not as "pure" as Hayley's (KEEDIE has a very noticeable vibrato), but it sure is impressive to listen to. She has many different "colours" to her voice, and it can sound very pop (like Celine Dion), or very operatic (like Sarah Brightman). My most favourite tracks on the album are "Vedi Maria" (in which Keedie duets with herself), "Only Time" (a cover of a piece by Enya), and "My Reason" (a very emotional piece which served as the theme song to the film "Modigliani"). She also does a great interpretation of "Ave Maria" (by Bach/Gounod), "Time to Say Good-bye" (the Bocelli signature song), and "Vissi d'arte" (from Puccini's Tosca). I'm not overly impressed by the track from which the title of this album is taken, however -- "I Believe My Heart." The reason that I don't care much for it is not because of Keedie's voice, though. Her voice is fine. I just think that this isn't one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's better songs.

At first, I thought that the album might be too costly to import from "across the pond," but that turned out not to be the case. In fact, it is rather surprising that Amazon in the UK is charging only £5.07 (WITHOUT the VAT) for this album. We Yankees don't have to pay any VAT, but even if you were to add-on the VAT amount, this album would still be an unbelievable bargain! I mean, it is more than £2.50 BELOW the cost of Katherine Jenkins' latest album (Living A Dream), for example, and more than £2.00 BELOW the cost of Il Divo's latest (Ancora).

I'm not sure how EMI manages to distribute this for such a cheap price! Aside from the price, there is NOTHING "cheap" about this album. First of all, the album liner says that it contains 17 tracks. Accordingly, the liner notes list the titles of only 17 songs. Wrong! It actually has 20 songs! Well... technically speaking, there are only 17 track delineations, but... it so happens that the entire track #17 is over 20 minutes in length! What happens on track #17 is that it (secretly) contains a grand total of 4 songs.

Here's how: After the song which is listed for track #17 finishes playing, you might expect the CD to stop rotating on your CD player. But, it doesn't stop. It continues spinning, although you don't hear any sound. You are treated to over 4 minutes of dead silence, as you begin to wonder what in-the-devil is going on??? Ultimately, the silence is finally broken, as you hear some new-age sounding instrumental music. Then, at approximately 8:35 on the track's time-counter, Keedie begins to sing again. You suddenly hear Keedie singing (Lascia Ch'io Pianga), followed by the Flower Duet from Lakme, which is then followed by "Un Bel Di" from Puccini's "Madame Butterfly."

Essentially, EMI has added these three "bonus" songs at the end of the album, without listing them anywhere. My only two complaints are: EMI could have delineated them into separate tracks, which they didn't do -- perhaps to keep you from accessing them separately. The only way to get at them is to listen to all of track #17. My other complaint is that you have to wait (wade?) through more than 4 minutes of dead silence in order to hear the first of the bonus songs! Could they not have given you 45 seconds or even 60 seconds of silence, and then introduced the bonus area of that track?

It's like... what? Did they want you to "give up" and turn off your CD player without ever discovering the "surprise"? How exceptionally weird!!! My question is... is this a common practice in the record industry...? And, I don't just mean the practice of having "hidden" tracks -- I know that a lot of albums feature "hidden" tracks. But, I mean, the practice of inserting over four minutes of DEAD SILENCE prior to the "hidden" material. Isn't the silent period normally much shorter?

Athena Tooze

Location Of Reviewer  

North Carolina  USA

Album Review

"Keedie's fabulous voice is truly amazing - Her soprano notes are definately in league with those who sing at the Metropolitan Opera. I used to think Charlotte Church was an extraordinary singer, but when I last saw her on TV, it seemed she just lost it in her metamorphasis to heavy rock. One could listen to Keedie for hours and still not get enough of her beautiful music. I brought her album to work with me on Friday and treated some of my colleagues to a really great bit of entertainment. They all thought Keedie's voice is just awesome and our computer wizard Alex was totally mesmorized by her!!. We are all hoping she will eventually perform in New York City and we just know it would be a sell out with SRO. I believe her popularity would really rise if she were able to ever perform in New York".

Note: Athena Tooze, The lady who wrote this, just managed to survive the 9/11 disaster. She was working in the building next to the Twin Towers when they came crashing down. She now says "I have listened to the album at least half a dozen times since receiving it and each time Keedie's singing brings peace and tranquility to my soul".




Ave Maria

Pie Jesu

Verdi Maria

All Because Of You

The Star In You

I Believe My Heart

Only Time

O Mio Babbino Caro

Les Fleurs

My Reason

Where Are You

You'll See

Lascia Ch'io Piango  

One Fine Day

Time To Say Goodbye


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