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Keedie is a British classical crossover soprano from the English Riviera of Torbay, South Devon. She likes her dance music and her fashion. She is sweet, very attractive, possesses boundless energy and a very pronounced craving to sing. She has three octaves in her voice that reaches a top A above a top E.  So far, so X Factor. But Keedie, all five foot one of her, in fact has a very rare talent indeed. It’s in the voice, all in the voice, a truly bewitching and magical thing that, really, has to be heard to be believed!! Listen to her sing, and suddenly the ordinary becomes extraordinary! Her voice is clear and full, impassioned and magisterial, and as adept at interpreting a pop song as it is the most opulent of arias. She can take virtually any classical favourite – let’s say La Wally or O Mio Babbino Caro and she’ll somehow imbue it with something completely new and vital. Listening to Keedie sing them is like hearing them for the very first time.